Five reasons to remodel, repair or renovate

pool next to a patio

When is a good time to start thinking about a pool or patio remodel, repair, or renovation?

Here are five common signs:

  1. The interior finish of the pool has chipping or cracking tile, rust stains from protruding re-bar or staining pool finish, or hard water/calcium deposits that are starting to form. Whether the appearance is unsightly or the interior is severely damaged, our remodeling experts can determine if a pool needs minor repairs, tile calcium removal, acid or chlorine wash, or a complete overhaul. 
  2. There are noticeable or protruding cracks in the patio slab or the cool deck surround. We offer several patio options from resurface of cool decks to the addition of concrete or travertine pavers. Our patio remodeling team also provides every kind of landscaping option to finish the look of a yard. 
  3. The pool equipment/pump has expired its 10-12 year recommended use and it’s time to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment. Pool equipment has become much more energy-efficient and reliable over the last ten years. Switching over to a high-efficiency system can provide savings and worry-free operation, along with remote operating of pool equipment options. We also provide a sound/sight barrier wall around pool equipment with shade covers to protect the equipment from damaging UV rays. 
  4. Noise from the surrounding neighborhood or roads has increased and gives the need for a soothing water feature. Many areas of the East Valley are growing quickly and are full of home-building and traffic noise. We can help lessen the noise with a full pool remodel and the addition of a water feature. 
  5. The pool needs to be converted to a different depth and needs an additional pool bench or a baja step for kids and grandkids. We can alter the depth of a pool, add a large baja step (or tanning shelf), or add a bench. We can also convert your pool from a grain of salt to chlorine or vice versa. 

We offer all of these remodeling, repair, and renovation services and more. They can all be seen here

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