Should I Install A Waterfall To My Pool?

couple kissing in front of a waterfall

Inground swimming pools with waterfalls can transform a standard backyard into a scenic oasis for you, your friends, and your family. On top of being focal points and wow factors for your swimming pool, pool waterfalls also have other practical benefits. They can enhance filtration as well as act as noise barriers. Are you asking yourself “Should I install a waterfall in my pool?” Then read on for our top reasons why waterfalls for swimming pools are a good idea.

Aesthetic Benefits

The first benefit of a waterfall for inground pools is that it adds beauty and creativity to your backyard. Waterfalls are great visual pieces that transform boring pools and backyards into works of art. There are several types of waterfalls that you can choose based on your style and the style of your home. Waterfalls range from natural rock ones to contemporary ones made of artificial materials.

Whatever type of waterfall you choose, they all add a creative and artistic flair to your swimming pool and backyard. This becomes a source of pride and a way to display your creativity and style. Waterfalls will incite a lot of admiration and excitement in your pool area.

Enhances Filtration

Swimming pools are a huge investment therefore it is important to properly maintain your pool after installation. Pool waterfalls make it easier to maintain and clean your swimming pool by keeping the water moving. Fast movement of swimming pool water prevents dirt from settling and creates negative ions that purify the entire pool. A water pool isn’t a replacement for a filtration system but an enhancement. You must therefore still have a water filtration in place.   

Creates A Noise Barrier

Waterfalls can help erase loud background noises such as traffic or construction noise in the area. The sound of running water is very soothing to the senses and spirits of human beings. This is why landscapers always recommend people living in noisy areas to install waterfalls in their homes. Adding a waterfall to your home will create white noise that transforms your home into a relaxing and stress-relieving oasis.

Prevents Algae

Algae formation in swimming pools is a constant worry and headache for pool owners. Inground pool waterfalls help prevent the formation of algae by constantly circulating the water. Algae tend to form on stagnant water that hasn’t been properly or regularly treated. Waterfalls also help in the creation of negative ions in pool water which purifies it and helps prevent algae from growing.

Should I Install A Waterfall In My Pool?

Installing a pool waterfall has practical as well as aesthetic benefits for your swimming pool. Your waterfall will transform your backyard into a creative piece of art that draws many compliments and admiring glances. Pool waterfalls also have practical benefits such as enhancing water filtration, preventing algae, and acting as a noise barrier. So, if you have the budget for it, you should install a waterfall.

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