Factors That Determine Your Pool’s Water Color

underwater in a pool

There are numerous decisions you have to make when you’re constructing your new pool, from the cleaning equipment to the pool finish to the size of the pool tiles that you’ll install. Different finishes can affect the color of your pool, which is why it’s a major decision. However, more factors affect your pool’s color than just the finish. This is why it’s difficult to predict what color your pool will show once it’s done.

Pool Size

You’ll find out that your pool can have a different color depending on its size, even if you have the same finish. Large pools will have a darker, more vibrant color, especially if it’s considerably deep. The color detail won’t be as refined if you have a small, shallow, or average-sized pool. It’s also worth noting that pool color is an optical illusion since it’s clear. The “color” that you see is created by the light that enters your pool and reflects on the pool finish.

Surrounding Reflections

As mentioned earlier, reflections are a major determinant of your pool’s color. Your pool maintenance and design expert would tell you that, if you have a home with a lot of greenery surrounding the pool, it will appear more green due to the light reflected on it. If you have a home that’s rich with white sandstone hardscaping, you’ll notice that your pool’s color will appear to be lighter.

Water Balance

Remember that pool water is inherently clear, but if your pool water appears to look green and grimy, you probably have an imbalance in your pool water. Make sure that you contact your local pool service expert to help you with your water balancing issues.

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