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Professional Pool Service Chandler AZ

Tired of your current pool guy or simply looking for ‘pool service near me’? Our comprehensive, worry-free services keeps your pool looking fresh and working efficiently. Let our team of professionals transform your swimming pool and hot tub.

Pool Service in Chandler

The ultimate in trouble-free pool cleaning and maintenance in Chandler. Our pool service Chandler AZ packages range perfectly for small to very large pools.

Repairs & Special Services

Pool not working? Our professional repairs take care of heaters, lights, pumps, plumbing, automation & more. Summer is around the corner – your pool needs to be running right!

Chandler Pool Remodeling

Transforming dull and out-dated pools in Chandler for decades. Whether you are looking for a simple same-day service or complete pool remodeling makeover. You’ll love your “new look” pool!

Chandler Pool Service, Repairs, Remodeling & Year-Round Maintenance

What our customers are saying

“Brings me joy to my family and I to see our swimming pool glistening in the sun with the most transparent water we ever had. The pool looks and feels fresh!”. 

– Michelle

“Our tech kept me informed of the different services I needed. This has really helped keep the pool in top shape. Thank you.” 

– Ty

“I especially appreciate the weekly images of the pool and the transparency of the water. Thank you!”

– Bernd

“Very reliable and friendly service. My pool has never looked better. I am recommending Pool & Patio Pros to all my neighbors and friends!”

– Frances

“I am happy with the professionalism and how quickly everything was handled for me. Thank you!”

– Harry

 Chandler Pool Service Professionals

Don’t let your outdated pool ruin your summer. Pool and Patio Pros are seasoned, qualified, and ready to help with your remodeling project. We have a vast experience in turning back green swimming pool water to crystal clear pool water that is refreshing to swim in, and a sight to see.

How much does it cost to have my pool cleaned?

 According to a few local Valley companies, the average cost for one-time cleaning is $80, but can be anywhere between $45 and $125 if there are promotions or new-customer deals. Monthly Chandler swimming pool service maintenance can range between $100-$150. Pool and Patio Pros can quote a custom pool repair, pool service or maintenance service, contact us today for a competitive low rate.


What chemicals are needed to maintain a pool?

 Chlorine, primary sanitizer, which comes in tablet and granular form.

  1. Bromine, alternative to chlorine (also available in tablets and granules but more expensive than Chlorine)
  2. pH, a measure used to check pool water acid-alkaline balance
  3. Alkalinity increase, used to help balance the water’s pH level
  4. Calcium, determines if the pool has soft water or hard water
  5. CYA (Cyanuric Acid), also known as water conditioner or “sunscreen for pool’s chlorine”
  6. Metal remover
  7. Algaecides, doesn’t kill algae but only prevents it


How much does it cost to maintain a pool in Arizona?

Cost varies with the amount of gallons and current state of the pool. Keeping pools clean and maintaining pH levels in water are main services offered by pool service companies – on a weekly or monthly basis. Chandler pool maintenance fee is between $100-$150, with $115 as the average monthly cost across Arizona. Talk to Pool and Patio Pros to see how much your swimming pool would cost, and we can educate on proper steps and techniques.

 How do you take care of a pool in Arizona?

For pool owners who want to keep their swimming pool clean and ready to use, follow this quick starter checklist:

  1. Keep it full. Water especially evaporates fast in a desert. Check your water level at least once a week.
  2. Run your pool pump long enough to achieve maximum clarity.
  3. Be familiar with your pool’s components, especially the not-so-popular ones, like DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge filter, and the cell on the salt water system –all of which need special cleaning. Repairs can cost you $300.
  4. Chemistry mastery. Chlorine dissipates quicker in Arizona on summer days. Know your chlorine level, as well as pH and alkalinity levels.
  1. Dedicate a basic-cleaning routine: 30 minutes per week to skim out debris and leaves, empty the skimmer basket, brush down the pool, test pool water, and backwash (when necessary).
  2. Hire the right pool service in Chandler, Arizona. Qualified and seasoned pool service pros will save you a lot of time & money, and spare you from headache.
  3. For those selling a home in Chandler, having a functioning and well maintained pool can boost the interest of buyers. We help homeowners keep their swimming pools in tip-top shape all year-round.